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Monday, June 17, 2013

Tween #Responsibility~>Week 2 Visiting the Petco Store was fun!!!~> # Pet

Hi all,

Hola a todos.

How are you doing?

¿Qué tal?

Hope you are all enjoying the holidays wherever you are-: Disney, SeaWorld, Wet n Wild, SeaQuarium, or just staying at home.

Espero que todos esten disfrutando de las vacaciones en cualquier lugar donde esten-: Disney, SeaWorld, Wet n Wild, Seaquarium, o simplemente quedarse en casa.

We were keeping it cool this past week but this week we will begin some activities by going to see some Movies and attend the activities at the library and to get some books. There are movies for $1 every Tuesday and Wednesday, see more information here.
What are your plans?

Estábamos descansando la semana pasada, pero la semana que viene vamos a comenzar algunas actividades como ir a ver algunas películas y asistir a las actividades de la biblioteca y para obtener algunos libros. ¿Cuáles son sus planes?

Our visit to the Petco was very fruitful as we saw many of the animals that children love and would like as pets. Some of the animals we found were: turtles, fishes, mouse, hampsters, cats there were no dogs at the time. Let's see which pet is best for our tweens and test their responsibility skills, this is a series, see previous post here.

Nuestra visita a Petco era muy fructuosa ya que vimos a muchos de los animales que los niños aman y les gustaría como animales domésticos. Algunos animales que encontramos eran: tortugas, peces, ratón, hampsters, y los gatos allí no eran ningunos perros .

We must remember that whether a pet is cuddly and cute, slimy and scaly, they are all fun. You will be expected to learn to keep it happy and healthy.

Debemos recordar que si un animal doméstico es adorable y lindo, baboso y escamosa, todos son divertidos. Se espera que usted aprenda a mantenerlo feliz y saludable.

Some of the steps you will need to know are:
  • Find out what care different pets need
  • How to keep your pet comfortable
  • How to help a pet to stay healthy and happy and safe
  • Make a pet feel loved
  • Know when and how to feed your pet.
Algunos pasos que tendrá que saber(conocer) son: 

  • Averigüe lo que se preocupa que los animales domésticos diferentes necesitan
  • Cómo guardar su animal doméstico cómodo
  • Cómo ayudar a un animal doméstico a quedarse sano y feliz y seguro
  • Haga una sensación favorita de sentirse amado 
  • Sepa cuando y cómo alimentar su animal doméstico.

This week we will deal with only step one:

Find out what care each different pets need by
  • Visiting a pet store (Petco or Pet Supermarket)
  • Visit a veterinarian office
  • With an adult supervision you can also do research pertaining to your pet
Esta semana vamos a tratar sólo paso uno: 
Averigüe qué tipo de cuidado cada uno de los diferentes animales domésticos necesitan
  •  Visitar una tienda de mascotas (Petco o Pet Supermarket)
  • Visitar una oficina del veterinario
  • Con la supervisión de una adulto también se puede hacer investigación referente a su mascota en la web

Some questions you may need to ask for more information are:
  • How much does it cost to care for this particular pet?
  • How much space does this pet need?
  • How much food does this pet need?
  • What kind of human contact does this pet like?
Algunas preguntas que tendría que pedir más información son:
  • ¿Cuál es el costo para el cuidado de la mascota? 
  • ¿Cuánto espacio esta mascota necesita? 
  • ¿Cuánto alimento esta mascota necesita? 
  • ¿Qué tipo de contacto humano neces esta mascota?

You can find some very valuable information on Petco website. An alternative to find out more information or see more animals are Miami MetroZoo.

Usted puede encontrar alguna información muy valiosa en el sitio web de Petco. Una alternativa para obtener más información o ver que más animales son Miami MetroZoo.

There were many information about each and every particular animal. I collected some to share with you as we continue this weekly series about tweens and responsibility. We must remember that this is a living being and needs as much attention as you and I. We need to eat, sleep, be active and some attention. Some pets need more attention than others.

Hay muchas información acerca de cada animal en particular. He recogido algunas para compartir con ustedes a lo largo de este serie semanal sobre preadolescentes y responsabilidad. Hay que recordar que este es un ser vivo y necesita la misma cantidad de atención que usted y yo tenemos que comer, dormir, estar activo y un poco de atención. Algunos animales necesitan más atención que otros.

We will continue with step 2 as it might be overwhelming reading all this information in one reading.

Seguiremos con el  paso 2 en el siguiente ya que  podría ser aplastante toda esta información en una lectura. 

I will however provide some information regarding cats during the week so you can learn about specific animals needs.

Proporcionaré sin embargo un poco de información en cuanto a gatos durante la semana por tanto puede aprender sobre necesidades de animal específicas.

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Is your Tween ready for a Pet?

©Maricela, All Rights Reserved. Written for: Emy Cooks


  1. Awesome info here! We love stopping by our Pet Shop. My kids love seeing all the different animals and learning a little about each one.

    1. Thanks Vonnie, an outing at Petco is always fun and exciting. It sure is an entertaining and educational outing with the kids.

  2. Ah. I love the pet store... I just bought my husband a newt for father's day.. I went in to buy a gold fish and came out with a newt. Is that weird? I think its weird...

    1. Lol Markell,

      that is wierd but in a funny way. I am sure he is enjoying the newt as much as you do. I will stick with my goldfish for the moment. Enjoy!

  3. What a great informative post. We have a salt water tank and love visiting our local pet shop. It's a small shop, and the owner always has some unique new fish brought in.

    1. Oh thanks Dee, Wow sounds like you have a big tank:). I like to see them but not sure about keeping the tank. lol.