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Saturday, June 8, 2013

When do you know a tween is ready for #responsibility? Week1 #petco

Hi all

It is almost summer and classes are out and parents have got to think outside of the box to keep the little ones busy. We all know that we need to remind the children of their responsibilities and need to make them aware that as a team everything will get done faster. Hopefully! First and foremost, we must also remember to compliment and be nice when correcting them.

Es casi verano y el año escolar está completo para este año y los padres tienen que pensar fuera de la caja para entretener a los más pequeños. Sabemos que tenemos que recordar a los niños de sus responsabilidades y los tenemos que hacer conscientes que como un equipo todo se hará más rápido. En primer lugar, como padres, tenemos que recordar también para complementar y ser agradable al corregirlos.

We have some outdoor pets - cats and knows when to visit for their food. Although, we are supposed to be allergic to cats, they are loved and cared for so hopefully the allergies will go away. They have several toys cause the children saves up and buy their toys.

Tenemos algunos animales domésticos al aire libre - gatos y sabe(conoce) cuando visitar para su comida. Aunque, se suponga que somos alérgicos a gatos, se aman y se sienten cariño tanto que con esperanza las alergias se marcharán. Tienen varia causa de juguetes que los niños ahorran y compre sus juguetes.

Some days ago, I saw a strange box in the patio. I asked where did the box came from and I was told that  it is the cat's home, not where it came from. A couple hours later, I saw a well decorated box. Here is what I saw:

Hace algunos días, vi una caja de carton muy extraña en el patio. Pregunté por qué la caja esta en el patio y me dijeron que es la nueva casa del gato. Una par de horas más tarde, vi una caja bien decorada. Aquí está lo que vi:

side view

In Miami, school is out and we now must think how to keep our tweens busy. Although there are a couple hours of school on the schedule, the rest of the day there must be other activities to keep them active, interested and be responsible for some chores.

En Miami, las escuelas están fuera (se terminarion las clases) y ahora debemos pensar cómo entretener a nuestros adolescentes. Aunque hay un par de horas de estudios, el resto del día debe haber otras actividades para mantenerlos activos, interesado y ser responsable de algunas tareas.

front view

Some place to go for free summer activities are:

Algúnos lugares para hacer actividades de verano gratis es:

Bass Pro
JFK Library
Government Parks

I have been approached with the thought of an indoor pet which means more responsibility. Do you think tweens are ready for indoor pets?

Mi hija se me acerco sobre una mascota interior que significa mayor responsabilidad. ¿Crees que los preadolescentes están listos para mascotas interiores?

We will continue this interaction and activities regarding pets in my next post, until then have a great weekend!

¡Seguiremos esta interacción y actividades en cuanto a animales domésticos en mi siguiente puesto, hasta entonces que tengan un buen fin de semana!

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  1. I think this is a hard thing for a lot of parents to decide! I know that I have little kids that aren't anywhere close to ready for a pet, but I want them to have a pet... I guess I would be the one stuck taking care of it!

    Thanks for linking up at Pin It Proudly Link Party. I can't wait to see what you link up this week!


  2. Hi Markell,

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your comment.lol, You are so right, we would be stuck taking care of it but that is exactly the reason of the post or series. They are so creative so will not say too much.