Saturday, October 25, 2014

Home Appétit Olive Oil & Spices with Scrumptious Vegetarian Salad

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Hope you all had an awesome weekend. I did although it went just a bit too fast. Wish I was able to be in Mexico with my parents. Oh, how I missed those weekend visit and I certainly know some of my buddies who would enjoy a nice weekend there:). Guess we were blessed with such luxury, well, some can still visit good old Ireland and Spain, lol. Daydreaming!!

Well, today I decided to make a nice little dish and enjoy the day, reminiscing. Ah, I just realized it is we have some beautiful sights of nature in our backyard . Gosh, how life changes when you have children. The season changes and does not realize it except for the semesters. Funny, how the priorities changes, does that happen to you?

 I received a bottle of of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) from Home Appétit and some Spices. The Extra Olive Oil are the first batch of oil that is extracted from the olive and it is the most flavorful oil for our precious body. EOO is full of incredible health benefits. Did you know that monounsaturated fat content of olive oil has been linked not only to cholesterol reduction, but also to reduction of blood pressure?
Although Extra Olive Oil is a bit pricey, the health benefits are overwhelming and so worth buying and really makes the food delicious. Here I add one of my favorite healthy salad or side dish or picnic sider and is good for any occasion.

Mediterranean Salad

1 can black beans
1/2 can garbanzo
1 can corn
1 bottle black and/or green olives
1/2 cup feta cheese
1 lb cooked rice
1/2 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil


I rinse all the ingredients before I add them all together in a big bowl.  I mixed extra Virgin Olive Oil and balsamic then add in spices and mix well together. Add spices of your choice. gm

Daylight Saving Time FINALLY: Sunday, November 2nd

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I almost forgot, did you remember that Sunday, November 2nd marks the end of Daylight Saving Time. Come 2:00 AM, we will turn our clocks back an hour. Although we gain this extra time, this also means shorter, colder, winter days, which will make us all want to spend more time sleeping. OH, it surely will be like Heaven on earth, more time to sleep, YIPPEE!

I am aware that not everyone changes time in the country and in the world. I am not sure if it is fortunate or unfortunale but we do in Miami. Are you one of those people that awaits the changing of  time? I don't like the day it changes forward but I enjoy the day it changes backward, it is total BLISS! That time makes a great difference for me, lol! Sure hope it does for you too!

Let me share with you a few tips on how you can make sure you're getting the best night's sleep possible.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A side dish with colors of the season, what is your favorite for #FALL?


How are you and the family doing? Hope all is well and enjoy the best of the weather and good health. Are you enjoying all the vegetables with wonderful colors? Each is very important in our diet. How many colors do you eat for the day?

¿Cómo usted y su familia? Confío en que todo está bien y disfrute del mejor del tiempo y una buena salud. ¿Está disfrutando de las verduras con maravillosos colores? Cada uno es muy importante en nuestra dieta. ¿Cuántos colores come para el día?

How do you get energized? What do you eat? Do you eat some sugar or do you eat something delicious and healthy. What type of veggies are your favorite? I enjoy the lovely weather and enjoy the fabulous colors of the season: tomatoes, onions and avocados. 

¿Cómo se puede obtener energía? ¿Qué es lo que comemos? ¿Se come un poco de azúcar o lo que usted come es algo delicioso y sano? ¿Qué tipo de verduras son tus favoritos? Me gusta el buen tiempo y disfrutar de las fabulosas colores de frutas y verduras de la temporada: los tomates, la cebolla y el aguacate.

My dad used to tell me that an onion a day is just as good as an apple a day. Onions are great for women after menopause as it is good for the bone. It is also good to prevent cancer. It is not a favorite as it has an after smell but the health benefits are excellent.

Mi padre solía decirme que una cebolla al día es tan bueno como una manzana al día. Cebollas son ideales para las mujeres después de la menopausia ya que es bueno para los huesos. También es bueno prevenir el cáncer. No es uno de los favoritos ya que tiene un olor después pero los beneficios para la salud son excelentes.

I can remember one day, there was a super bump on one of my brother's leg and my dad sliced a tomato and wrapped it around my brother's leg for the day. Whatever happened, we were just amazed that at the end of the day, the leg was no longer swollen. Tomato is also one of the world's healthiest food, were you aware of that fact? It is filled with vitamin C and good for the heart, cancer and Alzheimer's disease. These are just a few good benefits. One important factor, tomato is not a vegetable but a citrus fruit.

Puedo recordar un día, había un súper golpe en una de la pierna de mi hermano y mi papá cortó un tomate y lo envolvió alrededor de la pierna de mi hermano para el día. Independientemente de pasó, nos asombramos sólo que al final de día, la pierna ya no se aumentara. ¿El tomate también es una de la comida del mundo más sana, era consciente de ese hecho? Está lleno de la vitamina C y bueno para el corazón, cáncer y enfermedad de Alzheimer. Éstas son sólo unas ventajas buenas. Un factor importante, el tomate no es una verdura, pero un fruta cítrico.

Hm- avocado, the green fruit it is not a vegetable is really a superfood. It is filled with vitamins A, C, E, K and B6, along with an enormous amount of potassium and “healthy” fat. One factor I am aware of is that adding avocado to other food can improve your absorption of nutrients. It is good to reduce the signs of aging and eye health. This has many health benefits and is great in many desserts: ice cream and cake.

Hm- aguacate, la fruta verde no es un vegetal es realmente una súper comida. Está llena de vitaminas A, C, E, K, B6, junto con una enorme cantidad de potasio y "sana" grasa. Uno de los factores que conozco es que al añadir el aguacate a otros alimentos puede mejorar la absorción de nutrientes. Es bueno para reducir los signos del envejecimiento y salud del ojo. Esto tiene muchos beneficios para la salud y es muy bueno en muchos postres: helado y torta.

Sharing my side dish with colors of the season:

Avocado Bruschetta

1 pitted avocado diced
1 small onion minced
2 can tomato or
2 large tomato roasted
2 lemon juice
1 tsp brown sugar
Season to taste
Olive oil


Pit the avocado and diced. Place in dish. Minced onion and add to the dish.  You can use a large can of tomato. I use 2 large tomato. I wash and then add to a pot to roast or a comal. It really depends on the type of stove this is easy to do:). After roasting, you can blend and add to the dish with remaining ingredients. Add lemon juice, olive oil, salt and sugar to lessen the citric taste. Mix everything together and it is ready to add to any dish. Try it and let me know what you think? Enjoy!

Compartiendo mi plato al lado con los colores de la temporada: 

Bruschetta de Aguacate

1 aguacate picada en cubitos
1 cebolla pequeña picada 2 puede tomate o 2 grandes tomate asado jugo de limón 2 1 cucharadita de azúcar morena Condimentar a gusto Aceite de oliva
Método Pique el aguacate. Coloque en el plato. Cebolla picada y añadir al plato. Puedes usar una lata grande de tomate. Uso 2 tomate grande. Me lavo y luego añado a un pote para asarme o un comal. Realmente depende del tipo de estufa es fácil de hacer:). Después de asarse, puede mezclar y añadir al plato con los ingredientes restantes. Agregue el jugo de limón, aceite de oliva, sal y azúcar para disminuir el sabor cítrico. Mezcle todo y está listo para añadir a cualquier plato. ¿Pruebalo y dime lo que piensas? ¡ Disfrute!

For more information on these vegetables, have a look on these websites:

The World Healthiest Food

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

#ViveMejor Social Event: Miami Happy Hour

Hello all,

How did your summer, fall is here and we are now preparing for the lovely family events. It has been very hectic but the time is going so fast and so much to do. Back to school has gone. I surely have many memories with all the wonderful activities the kids have been involved are many new activities beginning.

Enjoy it all! I was invited to a fabulous event this Summer which was filled with lovely fellow bloggers and made some new some friends as well. It was filled with the beautiful colors of the season. The decorations was all so lovely and creative. Here was the beautifully designed area engaged on the lovely evening. I am sharing those delicious recipes you can find ViveMejor Website and flaunt your newly found culinary skills for the Holidays.

This was a memorable & adventuresome event. This was the very first time Emy Cooks drove to this part of Miami on by herself. I was always chauffeured. Yes, have been spoiled for a long time. It sure made me proud of myself, would you not be?

Emy Cooks was invited to a Vive Mejor Social Hour at The Delano South Beach Hotel at the PentHouse at the spa Club Essentia. There was so much to see and do with the lovely friends.

There were so many activities and loads of fabulous swags for you to share your review with your marvelous readers. There were numerous variety of products especially for your personal need. Have you had the pleasure of trying any of them? Which is your favorite product?

Vive Mejor knows how to share good times with friends and create great memories as they grow each year. It is always lovely to meet friends and make new friends at these events with great personality.

 It is always fun at ViveMejor and we enjoyed it even more so as there was Ana Quincoces , well known  celebrity chef and former Real Housewife of Miami, we had a feast with the delicious recipes. You can always go on ViveMejor website and make the holidays even more special sharing with your love ones.

We had many delightful moments to share and was pampered to complete the evening. Celebrity hairstylist, Mario Antón shared several beauty tips to make us all feel so glamorous. There was also time to get dazzled up with the professional manicurists on-site talented making life easier and simpler and look glamorous for the evening.

 It was a really great evening filled with memories and Vive Mejor knows how to treat us in style and makes us feel special with all the great activities to keep us all involved and create new friendships.

Learn more about Vive Mejor:

Vive Mejor Facebook 
Vive Mejor Twitter
Vive Mejor Youtube

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