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I am a wife , mother, sister , daughter and must add friend. I have been invited to do a blog many times by a dear friend. Well, one day after many hesitation, life threw me a curve ball and had lots of time on my hands. Why not do something I have attempted to do but never completed. Well, that was the beginning of a new adventure. It is sure a great adventure and one that has opened many doors, made many acquaintances and friendships and learn more with each stepping stones indoors and outdoors. Many blessing has come forth with this adventure!

 I love nature by choice as I love the warmth of the sun and the smell as the rain pours down after a hot day. The dew is great and provides for many little living thing. It is great to feel the wonders of nature. Time is of essence even though we take it for granted. 

I try not to take things for granted as many others do not have such joy or luxury. Appreciating the little things in life gives much joy, especially after hours of intense labor or a reward that was unexpected. Giving others recognition for their job although they enjoy doing it is a credit or merit well rewarded. It is instant gratification and motivation to give more. 

My intentions is to help in any way to make life easier for the mom, single or with their love one. Much respect goes out to the single mommies, life is not easy and would love to help them all in any way possible. 

Cooking is a joy and passion that is rewarding when others are happy eating. I must give thanks for all the homemade food we are able to enjoy and pray that others may have that joy someday! I enjoy crocheting, sewing, helping others, be constructive and making others happy in any way possible. I enjoy being creative and trying new stuff, especially if the product will make life easier. It is wonderful to learn about different things and share with others. Blogging gets the word across , being a mom is quite an advantage as word of mouth is effective in our community. An Act of kindness goes a long way!

Life is so funny. I always thought I ate healthy until I met my husband. He is a vegetarian and has changed my life immensely.

I never thought I would enjoy vegetarian food; thought it was without taste and that only people on a diet eats it. I have learnt to appreciate good food:- natural, healthy and/or organic. I believe those three words means the same but opinions vary. I enjoy some vegetarian food but that is because the cook is good; the credit certainly goes to the cook. I may become a semi-vegetarian but love the spice of life and will try any type of food. I enjoying watching people enjoy their food. I believe that every cook loves people asking for their food. I will certainly hope to hear how and why other’s diet have changed due to health reason.
Some people travel far away to eat the food they appreciate and enjoy. I certainly used to crave Mexican food and would try food from any Mexican restaurant believing it would be similar to the food from Mexico. I have learnt that it never will be, the natural grown food cannot be traded, we have learnt to improvise. There will certainly be more to discuss on this topic.

My blog has been growing with the help of the fellow bloggers and readers. I am thankful for this and the media is the most vital resource in this age.


  1. I believe in the Brazilian food pyramid. check it out. They believe that 30-60% of calories should come from vegetables half of which should be uncooked vegetables.

  2. hm this is interesting! I certainly will check it out. Yes I do know it is healthier to eat uncooked vegetables especially if no pesticides are sprayed on them.

    Brazilian food pyramid.. never too old to learn:)! keep it coming! Your ideas are appreciated!