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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Girls Scouts Cooking and #Sharing

Hello, Hello Hello,

We are in the month of December, the month to share some extra love and do some extra giving.

If you have never done it, try it it give a feeling of joy to see how it makes other feel the love and caring  of others. It is not something that anyone can share with you, a feeling of appreciation, I am trying to explain, but everyone is different. Do it, you will not regret sharing that love or giving something!

Well, the girl scouts have been very active learning how to be responsible and how to help mommy/daddy or guardians. For me it is an experience to share the kitchen with my little one and to see her making her breakfast and wants to make everyone's breakfast.

A couple weeks ago the girl's scout were asked to make dinner. Well, it was lovely as it was a small group. Pasta was the quickest and easiest meal.

Some of the meals were:
  • macaroni and cheese
  • spaghetti and turkey ground meat
  • bowtie and ground turkey meat

 It was really great to see the result of the girl's task. Some of them were happy to do it, others were doing it because it had to be done. Basic result is that they know how to make their lunch and to help mommy in the kitchen.

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