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Thursday, October 2, 2014

October: Breast Cancer Month a check up for Life! Unidos Venceremos!

Hello Everyone,

Hope you are all doing well and enjoying life. Although life has many curve balls we must learn to play around them and make the best of what life throws at us. Let's make this month a beautiful month by liking the website and help others. They will pay a $1 for each like to Liga de Cancer.

This month: October is celebrated as Breast Cancer month. We focus on Cancer but that does not mean that those who are diagnose with Cancer is only in the month of October. On the contrary, we need to recognize that we need to give all the help and knowledge to those who have cancer and have compassion as Cancer has no limits. There are many Cancer survivors who are helping others by giving that hope. You can make a difference by liking the Orgullosa Facebook. Did you know that every 90 minutes a Latina woman dies of cancer?

The Liga de Cancer in Miami held a bilingual Cancer event to share the knowledge of the latest technology, prepare patients with hope and continue to advise women that they must know how to do the personal monthly checkup. There were special appearances of both & Dr. De La Rosa. He offered many words of wisdom. Here are a few:

  1. Know your breast and it's symmentry. 
  2. They should be the same size, if there is any difference, you should seek a doctor. 
  3. Most important is for you to know your family history.
  4. Early detection is best. 

 There was a beautiful spread of lunch for the media and invited guests. The lunch was made up of protein and carbs. There were also a range of refreshing, colorful and tasty fruit juice.

And lastly, thanks to @PnG , @JoeTichio and for the goody bag filled with motivational and great stuff.

©Maricela, All Rights Reserved 2012. Written for: Emy Cooks

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