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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Consultant: Relocation Project #Technician #MCSA #MCSE


Hope you are doing well and having fun in the wonderful weather here in Miami. Get all stuff done and enjoy family outing early. I did not see the weather report but the sun shine is really beautiful making the day peaceful as you hear the birds chirping in the wind. You can also enjoy the cats enjoy the lovely day making their noise as they court each other.

Some weeks ago, I was called to do a Consultancy Relocation Project. This project entails the disconnection of 100 computers and attaching names and location the computers are being located in the other building. We needed disconnect all computers and accessories to pack all the individual computer accessories together for transportation. It seemed like a fairly easy and quick job to do as we began our task. It was a team of five members so we had an even 20 computers per person. We worked steadily until everything was packed and the movers packed in the container for relocation.

We had a break as we traveled to the new site to unpack and placed the computers and accessories at the new job site. It took us longer than I thought but the computers were safely packed in bags and on the way. We had some really great tech conversation while relaxing for our break. It is always fascinating to hear others 'experience on the job and exchange of ideas.

The longest wait was the transportation of the equipments and computers. You can always plan but it does not always happen the way in the technology world. One must always learn to improvise and have a back-up plan and a back-up to back-up that plan.

The transportation took longer than was expected. As technicians' we were flexible and made sure everything was ready for the delivery and unpacking to be done faster and the connection and verifying that the system was operable and running.

We worked as fast as we could but there were some mismatched and that took time as the all the computers were not transported in one batch. As timed passed by we lost a couple team members but we completed the task and was able to leave content with ourselves with a job well done. It was great returning home and cruising the fairly naked street and quiet neighborhood asleep and in peace. It was such a difference compared to the busy morning with the school bus and busy parents taking the kids to school.

You can see students on training Here.

©Maricela, All Rights Reserved 2012. Written for: Emy Cooks

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