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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Awesome meal filled with Iron or Vitamins B

Hello All,

 I certainly hope all of you have been keeping hydrated and eating well as we are back to school and ready for the school year. Have you all met your classroom teachers? Have you had the welcome back meeting? I hope you have some awesome teachers this year. I have met the teachers and looking forward to the welcome back event.

With all those summer activities and school events prepping up, we need to get our source of energy and nothing better than some real home made food. Here is a meal (stew black beans, sliced beets and fry fish)that I enjoyed this past summer and surely will enjoy as we prepared for the new school year. We need to look at the food (vegetable and fruits)that are high in Vitamin B or Iron as we may otherwise know it. Remember that the bright colors are the best choices. Do you eat beets? How do you like it? I like it in smoothies as well as cooked, thinly sliced with lemon, salt and pepper. Yummy!

Another that is filled with vitamins is the black beans. I know that black beans is staple food of many Central American countries. Many doctors encourage their patient to eat black beans as a source of vitamins to replenish the resource of blood. Most women needs to eat staple food (fruits and fruits) to increase their flow of blood monthly. Many type of beans especially black beans in particular can be found in most local store around the world.

There are many more fruits and vegetables that are eaten to replenish our blood flow which is vital for our body to function well. What is your main source of food that you like to replenish your blood flow besides tonic that is bought at the local store or drugstore?

©Maricela, All Rights Reserved 2012. Written for: Emy Cooks

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