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Monday, October 7, 2013

Los Tweens and AIO Wireless discusses

Parenting in the Age of Technology
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Hello Everyone,

Here a very important topic for all parents who have tweens in the family and debating when is the right time for the tween to have a cell phone. For me it is important as the tweens are becoming more independent and have activities whereby they are on their own. Even though the tweens are supervised, it is important for one as parent to be able to reach the child and be able to know that the tween is well and safe.
Last week we were invited by our friends at Los Tween in partnership with AIO wireless to attend an informational workshop for parents of upcoming tweens. We were given some interesting topics and  points that were laid out while at the workshop. We were also given some AIO Wireless recommendations for your tweens. Let's see the points and make a list:

  • Cell phones are an instrument of connection but also a symbol of separation 
  • They are a sign that tweens and teens aren’t spending 100% of their time around you 
  • It’s also a communication tool that connects them to the dangers of the world 
  • We often worry about: 
    • Tweens and teens racking up hundreds of dollars in charges
    • 1 am text messages 
    • Being slammed with advertisements and inappropriate images
    • Bullying & gossiping
    • Being stalked
    • Using a cell phone as a portal to social media 
  • Many of our fears can be managed and removed 
    • Finding a cell phone carrier that makes sense for you (SEE AIO WIRELESS TALKING POINTS)
    • Creating a ‘testing phase” whereby you assess your child’s readiness for responsible cell phone usage 
      • This includes WHO they share their number with and when to talk
    • Setting guidelines and following through on them
    • Creating a daily time to talk about technology and its implications- positive & negative
    • Having an open-door communication policy - Firmly establish yourself as the central hub of information.

Los Tweens Recommendations of Safety Apps

MamaBear (iOS 4 & Android) – This FREE app is great for keeping your child safe on all mediums. While it too has location services, MamaBear also has a feature that watches over your child’s Facebook feed and alerts you of any signs of bullying or harsh language. 

Sygic Family (Android) – Similar to the others, Sygic Family is a FREE app that keeps your family safe by allowing you to check where they are, however you can even check the battery levels of their smart phones. So when one of your kids is at a concert and not texting you back, you can see their phone died and text their friend instead of alerting the state police and U.S. SWAT teams.

BullyBlock – (Apple iOS, Android – $0.99) – This app captures and block bullies that are causing you and your family harm. The Bully Block app allows users to covertly record verbal threats and harassment, block inappropriate texts and pictures (e.g. sexting), and utilize auto respond features. Bully Block blocks bullies that utilize private or unknown numbers to engage in cyberbullying. Bully Block also has instant reporting features that allow the user to email or text abusive behavior to parents, teachers, HR departments, and law enforcement. All audio, messages, and calls are stored on the phone SD card.

AIO Wireless Plans Recommendations for the Tweens

AIO pitches two great advantages:
  • unlimited talk/text/data plan with no annual contract.  
  • unlimited voice/text/data including a pre-established amount of high speed access that includes  4G LTE (Plans range from $40 to $70 per month, with taxes and fees included.)
 Disclosure: I attended a media only event. No monetary compensation was received. The opinion express above are part of the information shared at the event.


  1. Great tips for tweens & parents thinking about getting them cell phones. Shared!

  2. Thanks for passing by BB, yes we have to think about their safety and future:) sin overhead, lol
    Have a good weekend! Saludos