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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Setting the table for your guest this #Christmas

Hello Everyone, hope you are all ready for this beautiful day of gathering with the family and friends.
You are most welcome over if you are around the neighborhood!

Well, I love to have my table set for my guest and learn to use the utensils right. I have always thought it was a puzzle when I see  so many of them. I do not eat a lot and when I am hungry, I just want to eat, not eat my appetizer and am full, it is funny really, has this happen to you before. It was hilarious the first time! I ate all my appetizer and when the meal came, I was I will not be able to eat my meal. One good outcome was that it was with family!

Well, since it is Christmas time, we would be using our Christmas theme to use the colors that you desire to represent Christmas. I would say red with green and white or gold. Your center piece can be candles, the Christmas plant in a vase, your choice - something traditional or abstract; something cost effective.

Setting the table:

  • you can use a charger base setting or a place mat: the color depends on what you wish to show (pizzaz or simple setting) it depends on event and your choice.
  •  you need our wine and water glass, you can be as classy as you wish by using different colors. It really depends on how formal you want to be you will extend the culinary utensils (dessert and tea).
  • you will need your silverware :the forks on the left hand side and the spoons on the right hand side with the knives- the more formal the more utensils you will need. The knife, turns the cutting side of your knife is turn towards your plate, the spoon will be lined up with your knife. The fork must also be lined up with your knife your  place the cutting. Make sure you utensils are lined up with your knife. The dinner fork is closest to your plate and the smallest fork is next but goes on the outside. This is a basic setting.
  • your napkins color depends on your theme or occasion. You can fold your napkin into a decorative style on your plate or in your wine glass: your choice

Remember this is a simple table setting, we will do another segment with a more formal setting.

This is important since there are many ongoing social events at this time of the year.

© 2012 Emy Cooks

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