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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Making our Girl #Scout Bear Adventure #Greatgift

Hello, Hello , Hello, hope you are almost done or done with your Christmas decorating and shopping. Time is creeping up on everyone, except for the few that are able to relax. If you are one of the, Good for you!

Well, the girls scout were given a girls scout bear for the Christmas for all the hard work they have done. Well done girl scouts! Have a Merry Berry Christmas!!!

We started off early on the Saturday morning, I went along with our troop leader which was awesome since my little one was able to chat all the way. That was a special treat to be able to chat with her girl scout sister. It sure was great hearing the girls chat away about every little thing and nothing. The trip felt very short listening to them chattering.

We arrived at the mall and met with the other girls that were there waiting. There was much excitement as the girls keep strolling in with their parents. The had a procedure to follow which was very entertaining to see!

First, they had to sign up and find a name for their bear that was handed to them to fill. Next, they
started filling in the bear and some took advantage of pressing the footpump, some did not like it much.

Next they were able to add scent, you had several choices, strawberry, chocolate were the two most favorite among the girls. Then came a recording if you wish to do so. Well, we did not really want the bear to be making too much noise and the girls thought that was a bit babyish. lol!

It really was a great day as they had several activities and discussion about girl scout laws and social communication.

 The heart ceremony was awesome as the thought of the bear having this special organ made it seems so real and must treat the bear as their companion and friend. They are learning to care and share with their bear.

 They later got to choose clothing for their bear which was another responsible idea of how to chose their own clothing and keeping it neatly in their places. There was so many to choose from and took some time.  Almost complete, the fluffy time to make the bear looks so soft and beautiful. It was fun to see the activities they did and how much it relates to daily life. Finally, certification time to certify the bear is completed and ownership!

Here are some of the final results after a bear adventure!

The bear trip was quite a fun-filled adventure and the girl scout troop felt it was well rewarded after all the hard work they have done this year, it has been a whirlwind year of activities!

© 2012 Emy Cooks

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