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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ten days of Adventure and Fun with #DisneyJuniorFamilia @DisneyJuniorUSA #ad

This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Latina Mom Bloggers and Disney Junior.
However, all opinions expressed are my own.

It has been a really fabulous ten days of fun and adventure with #DisneyJuniorFamilia. My family grew up with Mickey and Minnie and as time went by Jake and Sofia came along. With each addition to the #DisneyJuniorFamila there is memories with laughter going along. It seems they have been a part of our familia forever. My favorite has always been Mickey and Minnie! What is your favorite character? I can remember the first time the little one saw Mickey, she cried and since then we have not been to Disney. We certainly are looking forward to seeing Mickey and Minnie an the others sometime soon. Here we found some baby toys and there was some memorable moments created with Minnie, and Doc McStuffin friends: Lambie and Stuffy.

Han sido unos diez días realmente fabulosos de diversión y aventura con #DisneyJuniorFamila. Mi familia creció con Mickey y Minnie y con el paso del tiempo, Jake y Sofía nos acompaño. Con cada adición a la Famila de Disney Bebe hay recuerdos de risa a lo largo. Parece que siempre han sido parte de nuestra familia. Siempre ha sido mi favorito Mickey y Minnie! ¿Cuál es tu personaje favorito? Recuerdo la primera vez que la pequeña vio a Mickey, lloró y desde entonces no hemos visitado a Disney. Ciertamente estamos mirando adelante para ver a Mickey y Minnie y los demás pronto. Aquí encontramos algunos juguetes de bebé y hubo algunos momentos memorables creados con Minnie y los amigos de la Dra McStuffin: Lambie y Stuffy.

These past ten days has recreated some rather fun-loving moments with the little ones. It sometimes felt like the moment has stopped in time as we gathered around with Mickey to have a quick smile or share a cup of tea to end the day singing with Mickey Mouse and the clubhouse. Did you have some special family moments with Mickey? You can join us and submit your picture, following the rules.

Estos últimos diez días ha recreado algunos momentos bastante divertido con los más pequeños. A veces parecía que el momento ha dejado en el tiempo como nos reunimos alrededor con Mickey para tener una rápida sonrisa o compartir una taza de té para terminar el día canto con Mickey Mouse y la casa club. ¿Tuvo algunos momentos familiares especiales con Mickey? Puedes unirte a nosotros y enviar tu foto, siguiendo las reglas.

Whenever we gather around to do an activity, everyone had a happy smile as if they were going on a journey in another world. How funny it is to relive those moments with your little ones. It is amazing how much we have learned with our extended family and how much fun they have provided for us at home. We surely had loads of fun as we went to dress up as Jake and his fellow pirates as well as Sofia and her tea party but we cannot forget our Doc McStuffins who take great care of the pets.

Cada vez que nos reunimos alrededor para hacer una actividad, todos tenían una sonrisa como si van en un viaje en el otro mundo. Lo gracioso es que revivir esos momentos con los pequeños. Es increíble cuánto hemos aprendido con nuestra familia y cuánto han proporcionado por nosotros en casa. Seguramente tuvimos mucha diversión como fuimos a vestir como Jake y sus colegas piratas así como Sofía y tomando té pero nosotros no podemos olvidar nuestra McStuffins Doc que cuidar de los animales domésticos.

Have you been able to upload your pictures on the DisneyJuniorFamilia, you can be featured on TV by being adventuresome and let us see your  special family  moments shared photos.  You can also do that favorite Disney inspired recipes and activities. You can keep updated with technology: apps. You can also find recipes on #DisneyJuniorFamilia and make that special dinner for yourself.  Here I will share my snack bite size which is fairly easy and is beautiful as well.

Siempre que nos juntemos para hacer una actividad, cada uno tenía una sonrisa feliz como si viajaba a otro mundo. Que gracioso volver a vivir aquellos momentos con su pequeño. Es asombroso cuánto hemos aprendido con nuestra familia ampliada y cuanta diversión nos han asegurado en casa. Seguramente teníamos mucha diversión cuando fuimos para disfrazarnos como Jake y sus piratas del mismo tipo así como Sofía y su merienda pero no podemos olvidar a nuestro Dra McStuffins quien toma el gran cuidado de los animales domésticos.

Minnie Bow Bites Party

1 pack strawberries
1 sml pack blueberries
1 pack toothpicks
1 banana


You wash the berries well. Cut into triangle shapes or in halves if you wish. Next, add the strawberry with the end pointing out, add the blueberry and then the next strawberry. You do as many as you wish and is a really finger food for the kids.

The Minnie design is what you see is what you get. It is easily made. Cut all fruit in a dish and allow the kids to make their design of Minnie as they wish. Really creative activity for them to enjoy and eat as well as very healthy!

1 pack pasta or macaroni or your choice
1 diced carrots
1 pk broccoli chopped 
1 can black olives


Boil pasta as directions on the box. I put in the chopped broccoli and carrots before the pasta finish cooking and add the sauce. 

I use apples to make the eye and tongue, yummy something sweet. I put the black olives for the hair and ear and side and eyes.

I do add some more cheese as we like the flavor of the cheddar and the more cheese the tastier.

This look nice with mashed potatoes but we wanted pasta so we did it with pasta. It sure is a great party dish for the children and elder children as well. Enjoy!!!

Your Child’s Photo Could Be Featured On TV!

  • Submit a photo on the Disney Junior Familia photo app on the Disney Junior Facebook page. Your photo could be featured on TV, be sure to include the #DisneyJuniorFamilia hashtag.

  • Enviar una fotografía en la Familia de Disney Junior foto app en la  página de Disney Junior en Facebook. La foto podría ser presentado en la televisión, no se olvide de incluir el #DisneyJuniorFamilia.

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