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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Stocking Stuffers @The Children Place #Warmers #

Hi all,

How are you all doing? Keepin the chill out? In Florida, the weather is all so lovely. We are getting some refreshing rainfall, keeping the plants all green and beautiful!

For all the other parts of the USA that are chilly, let's keep warm at the Children's Place. Let make this an event of the day, are you ready?

Wow, look at all the NewBorn SugarPlum, how cute. Look at these cute jammies and sleepers. Well, what do  you know, these could be what I am looking for, some Stocking Stuffers, unbelievable! Look at the beautiful colors and looking so cute!

 Awesome, look at the baby girls' outfit, and ain't they lovely. Oh, I so like the Dalmnation Glacier Fleece Hat. There is such a grand combination of colors. And look at the flower headbands. Flashingly in fashions at bedtime!

He, he, Let's see how much combination we are able to do with these little pieces of clothes. Look at the 1-eyed monstor hat. Oh we certainly will go to sleep on it, really nice event and quality material that is gentle on the skin. Check out the Dino Blanket Sleeper, so warm, it would put me to sleep.

Let' s have a great fashion at bedtime, look at the sequins chalet boot and Crystal Headband to match, wow and the sequins purse, check it out!!! Look at the lovely owl  mittens, would feel so warm and cozy on my fingers. Remember the reward cards, you can get more warm stuff if you use it!

Oh but look at the Big Boys angry monster hat, looks quite warm. Oh I like the glacier fleece mohawk hat. Now check this out, the silicone watch, how nice is that! That Moc slippers is the best and the camo robe, sleek! But don't forget the cold gloves, very sophisticated!

Have a lovely day, keep kids warm, be safe and drive safely.

Que tenga un buen día, mantener caliente a los niños, mantenganse seguros y conduce de forma segura.

Disclosure: I was provided with the information in this post by Childrens Place. No compensation was received.

1 comment:

  1. Hermosa ropa y los accesorios tambien. Especial para la epoca de frio. Saludos Emy!