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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Quality Girl's Night Out and The #BacheloretteABC pairs perfectly with @BrancottEstate wines! #Chillhour #Sponsored

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Brancott Estate Wines. I received a gift card to purchase party supplies to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

It has been a while since there has been a Girl's Night Out with my friends. On any given Monday night it is mommy watching Bachelorette alone with the kids shouting "mommy." This past week +Brancott Estate gave me a Girl's Night Out and an opportunity to look at the Bachelorette series with my friends. What a great way to relax after a tiresome day and without the kids around. 

It is always great to meet up with my friend, they like to try a new drink, our favorite is Moscato. I told them that I have a new wine for them to savor this trip. It would normally be a certain group but this time one of our friend was visiting, so there was even more excitement. They were excited as a couple of them like to watch Bachelorette. This is not our usual Monday night as it is hectic with the kids so we dvr it  and we started the party before the the holidays and we got to see the drama as it unfolds. They were happy that I would be able to meet with them as I am always busy with the kids. 

It was not easy to find Brancott Estate wine in my area and had to purchase it in my friend's neighborhood, hopefully we get Brancott Estate Wines in my area soon. We got to taste both  Brancott Estate Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Wine. Brancott Estate Wines are from the Marlborough region of New Zealand where they have been making Sauvignon Blanc in this region for 30 years.

I have had a hectic couple weeks as I was studying for some exams, so this #chillhour was well worth waiting for; I was looking forward to have a marvelous Girl Night Out looking at the "Bachelorette" with them. 

Food pairing for Sauvignon Blanc can be matched with grilled oysters, barbecued prawns or salmon and poached white fish with green salads containing parsley, pepper and lemon  Another good dish would be Mediterranean and Turkish dishes with hummus, olives and feta will also match a well as our very own avocado.

I enjoyed the taste of the Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc wine since it has some of my favorite fruits such as tropical rock melon and grapefruit which you can taste which is also blended with other flavors and aromas such as ripe lemongrass making it healthy sweet fruit flavors with has a crisp expressive acidity which makes it's taste distinctively unique.

Pinot Noir is garnet red in colour, this wine exhibits red cherry and plum fruits accentuated with savoury spice highlights. It has a sweet, velvet approach, displaying the same ripe, red stone fruit along with subtle spice, silky tannins and good length. This wine is well balanced in terms of structure and concentration. As with most Pinot Noir, it will perfectly suit duck dishes and red meat dishes incorporating mushrooms. 

We had duck sauteed with some spinach and mushroom and steamed sweet potatoes, it surely blended well with the Pinot Noir. Fantastic!

We enjoyed the 2-hour episode and had a laugh at how the dating game is now for all the world to see, I surely am glad for the fun we had when we were dating. Time has change with technology but it is fun to guess who will be chosen. Who do you think it will be? One of my friend said this series is not really as interesting as the past series but she still would like to see who wins. She has been pulled in to see next weeks episode, how interesting!

The mommy time with girls was needed and such be done more often, thanks to +Brancott Estate wines for the #chillhour, it surely was fun! Brancott Estate was even kind enough to send us each our very own #ChillHour bag to keep our wine bottles cold. When was the last time you had a Girls Night out? 

We would like to invite you to have a look at the Brancott Estate Wines Website    for more information. It would be fun to check out the social media outlet Brancott Estate Facebook Page , Brancott Estate Twitter .
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