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Friday, December 14, 2012

My Heart Aches and am Overwhelm by today's event.#Compassion

I am overcome with feelings that cannot be explained, is it grief?  After 9 a.m., I have then wondered where is love when things like this happens? What causes someone to react like this? What is so terrible that taking so many little angels make it any better?

As a parent, it makes me question my every action?

Good Lord, please welcome these little angels into your kingdom. Also, lay your arm of comfort over the families whose lives have been touched with sadness. Keep the hearts of others who comes in contact with them warm and compassionate and always show love humbly!

Let's look forward and make each day count, show love to our children and let them know how precious they are. We have a second chance, let's make it worth every breathe we take and teach our children the joys of LOVE, SHARING and COMPASSION!

Remember God is first, with him as our anchor, we have nothing to fear!

Onward Christians, forward we march, Love as our emblem!

Let us  keep the candle burning which represents the LIFE which was taken from the little ones so abruptly who have gone before us and LOVE for their families who are left behind.

©Emy Cooks 12/14/2012

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