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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Penny for your thoughts!! #Information

Today I decided to go out to take advantage of the tax-free weekend. I went to Walmart to check the prices of schoolbags with wheels. On the list is says, "For kid's safety, please avoid rolling book bags." I agree with "for kid's safety." but the weight of the school books is so heavy, the kids might topple over.

 In Walmart, it was crazy house recess(an expression)a total mess. Everyone was running around and reminded me of when a hurricane was coming. The queue was long and there were kids' crying. I always enjoy walking around to see what is new. This evening, my daughter said, "This is a mess." If we were there for 20 minutes that was a long time. It sure was a relief to get out of there. Oooph! Someone had told me earlier that Home Depot had book bag with wheels. The lady responded-every branch is different-we do not have that here. We gracefully said "thanks" and left the store. Interesting! We saw the bags at Target so we went along that route.

  Target had the brand but not with wheels, how unfortunate for us. Talk about adventure. My little one said, "Mommy, let just find a book bag with wheels, no special name. We should be lucky to find one." I had a laugh at that comment. We were close to Sports Authority and took a stroll inside. There were numerous school bags but none with wheels. She had been asking for a school bag for a while since she was ready to return to school;ready for another challenging year.

Maybe I was not interested to buy any book bag and decided to go to K-mart. I found a book bag with wheels, not the one I would have bought but she was happy to be given a choice and was happy to get her bag. Wow, she was ever so happy to prepare her bag. I was never ready for school and wanted more holiday but I guess her teachers were good mentors and she is looking forward to meeting her new teachers. So much for cooking. I was not able to buy my groceries for the week and for that I am making my list.

Hopefully, we will be having some burritos and enchiladas (Mexican), Vegetable soup and chicken soup (veggie for the spouse and chicken soup for others:).), with leftovers-vegetable rice, macaroni and cheese with pasta (depending on the mood), quesadillas on Friday, something light. I found some cooking sites with some vegetarian recipes that I would like to try but need some ingredients that I need. I might need some help to find them and if you might know where that would greatly be appreciated. Enjoy your weekend and hope you have a good start. Good night!

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