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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pumpkin Patch~> Great Day and Wonderful Evening! #Blessings #LLBLOG #Latina Bloggers Connect #Latina Mom Bloggers

Hello to one and all!

How was your weekend? It sure was a marvelous weekend with fun. We have got to get some more children involved. The more the merrier, don't you think?

We had an early start this Saturday morning to get our costume. It sure was fun to see so many people in the stores. We are so much of animal lovers, we represent the animals. We love to see the other costumes, they are all so adorable. Well, shortly after we went on our way to the Kendall Regional Pumpkin Patch. It sure was full with activities. We were supposed to meet some friends there but plans changed and that took the fun away. We enjoyed ourselves.

Well, we had a relaxing afternoon and later we went to another pumpkin patch but this one we had an outdoor movie evening. The evening was so beautiful. The pumpkin patch was really well-done, we enjoyed it immensely.

Guess what movie we got to see Again? This time it was outdoors so it made all the difference. It was really great to hear the children repeating the script of the movie. Do  you think they have seen the movie before? We surely have many times before. Can you guess which one it was? OK, guess you will after seeing the pictures. Smile!

Oh but guess what, there was even a corn maze which was really nice. It was not so big nor not so small, just right. The kids had so much fun and even better since it was night. Why do they like to play outdoors in the beautiful starry night? Do you remember playing outdoors in the starry night and beautiful blue moon? I sure can remember many days with my neighbors and cousins. Those sure are lovely memories.

It really was a full day of activity and ended well as we bought our pumpkin to carve. It is always a nice task to do for the Halloween festivities and beginning of Autumn. There has been some beautiful days for which we are really grateful!

Hey but guess what, we almost forgot the Maze, that was just great. Most of the kids enjoyed it when they discover the right way!  The Pumpkin Patch was really an adventure into Autumn. Are you all having some good weather?

©Maricela, All Rights Reserved. Written for: Emy Cooks

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  1. Hermosas fotografias. esas calabazas de todos los tamaños no las habia visto antes. Estuvo muy divertido y entretenido tu dia