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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Corn with salt and pepper!!! UN ELOTE CON SAL Y CHILE !!! #Riquisimo #Sabroso #Delish #Tasty #Yummy

What is the most special snack/food is there that we all enjoy for the summer?

¿Cuál es la bocadillo más especial son que todos disfrutamos durante el verano?

There is one food that we enjoyed immensely as we walked downtown in Belize City and in the Southern Part of Mexico. It was everywhere and each vendor's lot looked just as tasty and enticing.

Hay una comida de la cual disfrutamos enormemente cuando anduvimos el centro de la cuidad en la Ciudad de Belice y en la Parte del sur de México. Estaba en todas partes y la parte de cada vendedor pareció tan sabrosa y atractiva.

We had ours with salt and lemon. Some had mayonese and cheese. Others had salt, lemon and pepper.
All was so delicious and we wanted more. It turned out we had it almost three times which was really great since they were so sweet and juicy.

Nosotros tuvimos con sal y limón. Algunos tenían mayonesa y queso. Otros tenían sal, limón y pimienta. odo era tan delicioso y queríamos más. Resultó que lo comimos casi tres veces y era muy bueno y por supuesto que eran tan dulce y jugoso.

We even bought some fresh sweet corn to have a feast and we surely did. We peeled the corn, cleaned and boiled them. They surely were worth the wait and was delicious. And guess what no GMO.

Incluso compramos maíz dulce fresco para tener un banquete y seguramente lo hicimos. Pelamos el maíz, lo limpiamos y los hervimos. Seguramente valían la pena esperar y era delicioso. Y adivine que ningún GMO.

How do you like your corn? What do you have with it or on it?

¿Cómo le gusta su maíz? ¿Qué tiene con ello o en ello?

This is one snack/food that we enjoyed totally!

Esto fue un bocadillo que lo saboreamos con mucho gusto!
Thanks to all my darling nephew for doing the work and my wonderful dad. We just ate it.:)

Gracias a mi querido sobrino para hacer el trabajo y tambien a mi querido papá. Sólo comimos.:)

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  1. I was born and raised in the corn state, Iowa. I never ate corn This was before. I sure want to try your recipe.
    I can over from Tough cookie Mommy site.

  2. Oh thank you for passing through Malika. It is just peeling and boiling really. You put what you like on the corn really. The sky is the limit:)

  3. Oh corn on the cob! Yummy! Growing up in the mid-west, corn has always been a staple, though I have never had it with lemon. We always just smother it in butter and a little salt. Mouth is watering! Thanks for stopping by and sharing for This Momma's Meandering Mondays! Have a great week!

  4. Hi Stacey,

    Yes, that is it, Corn on the cob! Lol! see I was thinking in spanish and could not remember what the name was.oh dear! Yes, over the years I have seen the corn eaten with anything and everything.:). Yes we used to eat it with butter and salt and later with butter and parmesan cheese..oh dear. my mouth is watering now.

    Yes, it is great to read and learn other stuff, thanks for stopping by and will see you again.