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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Recap of Hispanicize ~~#Wonderful #Friendship #Hispz13 #Trendsetter

Hispanicize was a one of a kind a mixture of artist, musicians, journalist and bloggers. The Hispanicize Team is brilliant and must say a total success which is awesome. Networking is the word of #Hispz13!

A big "THANK YOU " to my sponsor Collective Bias and Brandi Jeter. It was like a dream: it begun, it came and it happened. Now there are memories and expectations.

The schedule was great starting with great, healthy breakfast. It prepares you energetically to enjoy the activities for the day. It was a time to congregate and have a fresh start with meeting new faces and making  new friendships, was great to see so many wonderful , creative and successful people. Their words of motivation  are never-ending and encourages inspiration to go forward and succeed in all that we do. To take one day at a time and work diligently at achieving our goals as latina women.

There were several events and workshops at all time of the day, there was something for everyone.

It is always fun creating friendship and building teamwork across the nation. There were so many people I wanted to meet but that is pending for next year as I know what to expect and how to make it even better with each year as we grow.

There were delicious and wide variety of food. Presentations were beautiful and enticing.

There were a wide variety of sponsored creative activities, here are some of the results.

There were also many hispanic artist, musicians and affluent latinas to motivate and influence other latina, some were:

It was a pleasure to join other bloggers while networking, learning and exploring ideas and alternatives as well as  meeting many other brands and sponsors.

It was also an honor to be present and hear that the  Hispanicize digital team created a fundraiser website for Louis Pagan's daughters. He was the co-founder of Hispanicize. It was a bitter-sweet moment but happy to know his wish for his children's education will be granted.

I look forward to Hispanicize14 as I would like to meet all the other bloggers I did not meet. I may not have recognized them but know I will be prepared for next year and do all my homework and get the networking connection on full speed. Grateful to have met you all and will keep the connection flowing.
'Til we meet again!!

Thank you Latina Mom Bloggers ~~> You are awesome!!!!!

Disclosure: Collective Bias and Brandi Jeter sponsored me with my entrance ticket to the conference. All opinions, ideas and stories are 100% my own.

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  1. Se ven platos deliciosos, gracias por tu comentario besos