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Monday, March 11, 2013

Girl Scout for World Thinking Day #Italy #Spain #Puerto Rico #UK

Hope you are all doing well and had a wonderful weekend!

Espero que todos está haciendo bien y tenía un maravilloso fin de semana!

I had spoken previously about World Thinking Day in a post a while ago. A couple weekends ago, Girl Scout celebrated World Thinking Day and had fun. We learnt about some new culture and their traditions. We shared some of their staple food and did some activities in relation to the country. Eventually we did some dance steps. It was a successful event for all girls included.

Les había hablado previamente sobre el día mundial del pensamiento en un post hace un tiempo. Unos fines de semana atrás, Girl Scouts celebraron el día mundial del pensamiento y nos divertimos. Aprendimos algo nueva de la cultura y sus tradiciones. Compartimos algunas de su alimento e hicimos algunas actividades en relación con el país. Finalmente hicimos algunos pasos de baile. Fue un evento exitoso para todas las niñas incluido.

Each poster was done by the girls in each troop. It tells about the country and culture and what the Girl Scout does and the different style of girl scout's uniform

Cada cartel fue realizada por las chicas en cada tropa.

There was food from every country present.

Había comida de todos los países presentado.

Here are some photos of the girls before presentation.

Aquí hay algunas fotos de las niñas antes de la presentación.

Here are the girls after presentation; socializing and having fun!

Aquí están las chicas después de la presentación; haciendo amigas y divertirse!

Hope you enjoy and your comments are much appreciated!

Esperamos que disfrutéis y sus comentarios son muy apreciados!

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  1. Very cute! That sounds like a great exposure to other cultures! :)

  2. Hi Sandra,

    It is great exposure and very educational and entertaining. They learn and enjoy themselves at the same time. What a better way to learn.
    Thanks for passing by and for commenting. Have a good day!