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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Lots and Lots of Toy train review and Big Train #giveaway EXPIRED

Hello Everyone,

 How is the New Year treating you, well I hope!!!

Well, how many of you made plans for your next destination for a vacation. Planning your vacation is very important as is the vacation.

Train was the best means of transportation and has been one of the first means of getting to your destination for a long time and is one of the best means in many areas of the world.

I have always been amazed at the train and how far and where it goes and what all is transported via the railroad. I can remember going to Mexico and hearing the whistle blowing. It is funny to remember how you can hear the pittar, patter of the little feet running to the screen door to see the train passing by the my cousins home. We always guess how much boxes will pass and then how much fun it was to count the amount of boxes the train pulls or follows behind. We would always guess what were in the train boxes. The train is a special part of our memories and we continue to make new memories when we visit the cousins.

Marshall Publishing and Promotions, Inc. is  a business corporation since 2007 and a multi-faceted media publishing organization based out of Illinois. Recently, the “Lots and Lots of” brand has become a registered trademark of Marshall Publishing & Promotions, Inc.Their goal is to provide lots and lots of media fun and education for everyone through award-winning DVDs, Books, CDs, CD-roms, and broadcast and internet programming that will amaze, amuse, entertain, and educate everyone.

I found myself with a review  for a couple DVD about trains and found some very interesting information which I could relate to VOLUME 1 - Giant Railroad Action!  (Big trains and little trains.) Sometimes there would be large beautiful trains and sometimes there would be large dull working trains and small pretty trains and small dirty little trains. I could remember how we made our stories about these little dirty train how hard they had to work. Amazing how little wondering minds made fabulous stories. How amazing it is to see the difference in the steam and diesel. Ocassionally we would get to see an old steam train passes by but never knew why it goes slower than the diesel. Now, as we grew older we finally understood what our uncle was trying to tell us.  In this DVD, you can see from the engine to the cabose as well as the different sceneries. It is so beautiful to see the landscape as the train passes through the country and cities and towns. I had the pleasure on the train from New Jersey to Chicago in Winter. The train stopped once so they had to clean the railroad track, it was quite an exciting adventure. I also had another adventure some years ago in England, it was awesome as the train whizzes by the cities and the town.

One special feature on this DVD, is that you have a choice to either listen to the train or you can sit back and relax to the sounds of the trains mixed with selected soundtracks.

Another special bonus is to learn how Steam and Diesel locomotive works through the use of animated graphics and narration.

In the Volume 2: Model Railroad award -winning musician James Coffey uses the music and have all the family singing loudly while looking at the trains creeping or/and whizzing by. Some of the songs includes some new songs :  COUNTING THOSE RAILROAD CARS and LANDMARKS OF AMERICA sing-a-long. 

This past summer was really funny as the same thing we used to do as kids, we looked on and laughed as the children ran towards the door as the train came chooing down the railroad. Next they began counting, it was quite a laugh!

This Dvd shows a variety of toy trains of every size and shapes similar to the real trains: diesel, freight and passenger trains, Majestic steam trains, beautiful garden railroads, little brick trains and all sorts of other trains. It is brilliant how they made it into the greatest collection of model railroad fun for everyone. It is the perfect gift to give and enjoy at anytime!

You will be fascinated by both DVD, one is about the World biggest trains and the other is about the World's Coolest layout!  These DVD are not readily available in stores! 
The Lots and Lots of DVD series is also parent recommended for children with autism.

“Lots & Lots of Toy Trains 2 DVD Set with FREE Bonus Audio CD”  SRP $39.90  SPECIAL Web Price $19.95

Please check the Toy Trains  Product Website .  Recent Winner of a Dr. Toy Award!!!!  Also the YouTube Video Description of product.

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