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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tail Towns Friends Game Review - Tail Town Figurine #TailTowns

Well, I don't usually play any type of games. One, I don't have the time, two, have to complete my days work which is not always accomplished.

Tail Town Friend, a new free online game which is said to feature"an enchanted world of mystery,   rich with tales of intrigue, treachery and forbidden love just for you grown-ups!

I was offered this game to play and I was like ,"Oh dear, what have I got myself into now!"
I attempted to do it twice and finally got into it and realized that I spent more than an hour playing. That means I did not complete my tasks for the day!

Well, I l like the story behind the game in that there is drama online as in real life- how funny! The figurines are lovely and know my neices and nephew would like playing this game. I like the idea of the neighbors helping each other. For someone who has never ventured on any game before, the game was interesting and easy to play. It was great to get your goal completed and another one to do- challenging!

You will like playing Tail Towns Friends as it challenges your knowledge on landscaping and decorating. We sure can test our knowledge and see the results. I certainly will be challenge by my friends score.

Each figure you register you can unlock the characters storyline of humor and drama and you are allowed to see the secret life in Trail Towns.

To learn more you can:
Disclosure: I will be compensate with a Tail Towns Figurine in exchange to play the game. This is my opinion only.

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