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Saturday, September 1, 2012

OogieLoves in a BIG Balloon Adventure - FANTASTIC!

Finally the Oogieloves at the theatre near you!
Finalmente, Oogieloves en el cine mas cercana!

It sure was a spectacular event to see all the children eagerly await the Oogieloves!!

Era un evento espectacular para los ninos o bebes esperando a Oogieloves!!

There was lots of laughter and you can feel the love before the movie began. Popcorn in hand and a juice in the other watching the screen. Yeah, Oogieloves!!!!

The first singalong begun and the children jumped out of their seats, it awesome to see their participation. There was clapping and jumping and laughter, some children were a bit lost in that they were allowed to do such activity in the theater. Their smiling faces said it all! Twas ssure a memorable event!!!

It was fantastic to see for each singalong there were more noise as they become familiar with the songs and action. The parents actually followed along and the children were beaming with joy to see their parents doing the actions. It was a memorable occasion to feel the joy and bonding of both parent/caretaker and children so happy. There was no chief in command but two people sharing childhood memories. There is no other movie that you can see such captivating moments filled with participation, LAUGHTER and LOVE!!!

The teamwork showed upon finding each balloons was a fantastic concept of SHARING, CARING and LOVE for their friend. Overcoming challenges for the love of that special person is another Great factor that shows how important we are to each other and how much we each make a difference in life. Parents are great example today for the future leaders. Let's preserve the childhood of our children and let them feel the love in the movies they see!

The different culture and/or personalities the Oogieloves encountered was an adventure and each was portrayed as a learning event filled with positive thinking.

The foundation a child is given is most important as they watch television at an early age. Let's show them the good, respect and love for each other. Why show them abuse, violence, hatred at an early age? It was so thoughtful to choose a pillow that is a baby's companion.

Oogieloves can make a difference in our children's lives as it portrays all the good stuff!!
Show your support - Oogieloves -The BIG Balloon Adventure!

Disclosure: I received a gift card for traveling and parking purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my mine and mine alone.

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