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Friday, September 21, 2012

Colorful Fruits Salad ~~> #Healthy #Summer #delight #Nutritious

Buenas diá a todos. Good day to everyone.

I made a salad and I wanted to know the nutritional contents that I am eating. What are we eating? What type of vitamins it contains? What are the health  and nutritional benefits are in fruits we consume.

It is amazing how much one fruit helps us to stay healthy. I have learned so much about these fruits, I certainly will continue to enjoy eating more. Sharing it all with you since it is so good did not want to give only a part of it. Enjoy!

Cantelope - is full of nutrients yet it has low calories.
                 - is highly concentrated with excellent levels of beta-carotene, folic acid, potassium,          
                    and a dietary fiber. One fruit that has a high level of vitamin B complex such as
                    B1(thiamine), B3 (niacin), B5(pathothenic acid), and B6(pyridoxine).
                 - is rich in anti-oxidents that can help prevent cancer and heart diseases.

Watermelon- is a cleansing, diuretic and mineralizing. It is very effective in promoting intestinal elimination, keeping the body free from toxic wastes. The rich anti-oxident and beta-carotene, the health effects of the watermelon are numerous:

Asthma: the anti-oxident  reduces toxic matters in the body which reduces asthma attacks.

Arthritis: the rich beta -carotene and vitamin C quenches inflammation that contributes to conditions like osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthiritis.

Bladder problems: cleansing and natural diuretic effect is totally healing for kidney and bladder problems.

Cholesterol: watermelon juice is healthy in preventing cholesterol from clogging arteries and can increase HDL, the good cholesterol, reducing the risks of cardiovascular diseases.

Constipation: drinking a glass of watermelon is good in aiding the elimination of wastes. Consuming a lot will do the system good.

Fluid retention: the diuretic action helps to eliminate excess fluids from the body, reducing water retention, especially for women during thier monthly cycle and in pregnant women.

Heart attack: The combination of folic acid and other essential vitamins is important as it reduces the risk of heart attacks, strokes and colon cancer.

Itchiness: watermelon juice cleanses the body of toxic wastes, and also reduces itchiness that results from toxicity of acidosis.

Prostrate Cancer: Lycopene which comes from the red watermelons has been researched for its anti-oxidant and cancer-preventing properties. It has been found to be a protective agent for the prostate cancer.

Skin Blemish: use watermelon externally by applying a small piece on your face. Leave on for ten minutes, then wash off with warm water, followed by a splash of cold water.

Peaches - is rich in digestible natural sugars, vitamin A and C, riboflavin (B2) niacin (B3). It is also and excellent sources of minerals like calcium, phosphorus, iron and traces of sodiu,m sulfur, manganese, cobalt and bromine. Some other health benefits are:

Anemia: the high iron in apricot is an excellent food for anemic people. The amount of copper in the fruit makes iron available to the body. The more you eat increases the production of hemoglobin i the body which is good for women after their mentrual cycle, expecially those with heavy flow.

Constipation: cellulose and pectin content in apricot is a gentle laxative and are effective in treatment of constipation. The insoluble cellulose acts as a roughage which helps the bowel movement.

Digestion: an apricot before meal aid digestion since it creates an alkaline reaction in the digestive system.

 Eye/Vision: the high amount of vitamin A , especially when dried, is important to maintain or improve sight. Insufficiency of this vitamin can cause night blindness and impair sight.
Fever: Blend honey and apricots with mineral water and drink to cool down fevers. It quenches thirst and effectively eliminate waste products from the body.
Skin Problem: Juice fresh apricot leaves and apply on scabies, eczema, sunburn or itchiness for the that cool, soothing feeling.

Purple Grapes - is high in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and C. It contains many health-promoting flavonoids. The deeper the color of grapes, the richer the favonoids.

Here are the health benefits of grapes or its juice:

Anti-coagulant: The juice from this tiny fruit helps prevent blood clotting and in the process, help improve blood circulation which would generally improve on overall health.
Anti-inflammation: The anti-inflammatory agents in grapes greatly help reduce the risks of inflammatory problems like rheumatism, gout and asthma.

Atherosclerosis: Resveratrol in grapes is a good scrubber of arterial deposits, therefore, ffectively helps reduce the risk, or even reverse atherosclerosis.

Bladder: Highly cleansing to the bladder, cleaning out the stones and improving urination, improves bile flow and elimination of waste materials.

Cancer: The rich and high content of anti-oxidants in cancer are superb for the prevention of cancer.

Constipation: Grape juice is a mild laxative and helps clear up the bowels. Take about 200 ml twice daily for chronic constipation.

Eyes: The flavonol compounds in grape seeds are effective for the treatment of night blindness, retinal disorders and vision improvement.

Fever: Drink grape juice consistently to reduce fever. It would also help relieve fatigue and provide energy to the body.

Heart disease: Grapes are beneficial in toning up the heart, reduce heart pains, and can normalize heart palpitations. To enjoy the benefits, go on a grape diet for a few days.

Indigestion: A gentle and natural home remedy for indigestion.

Mouth and throat infection: Drink juice of unripe grapes to help clear infections in the mouth and throat.

Migraine: Certain compounds in grapes make this miracle juice powerfully effective in relieving headaches and migraine.

Kidney: Grape juice is diuretic and is excellent for cleaning out the kidney and may help remedy kidney stones.

Liver: The abundance of minerals in grapes stimulate the cleansing activity in liver, helps to detoxify.

Skin: The highly cleansing properties of grape juice and the high vitamin C content is very beneficial for the skin and helps reduce acne.

Really good information!!

To learn more about other fruits , click here.

©Maricela, All Rights Reserved 2012. Written for: Emy Cooks

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