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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Celebrating Belizeans !!!!! Be Safe!

There is a small country in Central America whose national language is English. However, with the influx of Central American immigrants, Belize's second language is Spanish.

En Centro America hay un país de habla inglesa, Belice. Con la llegada de los inmigrantes, la segunda lengua de Belice es el español.

This does not means that only Spanish speaking immigrants are found in Belize. Belize is another melting pot filled with Caribbean immigrants from Jamaica, Trinidad, Guyana, Dominican, etc. There is also a lot immigrants from the Mediterranian and Persian Gulf such as Indian, Arabs, Iraq, and Iran.

Esto no quiere decir que los inmigrantes de habla hispana son los unicos. Belice es especial con un poquito de todos los paises, algunos son de Jamaica, Dominica, Cuba, India, Arabia, Iran y China.

Belize  was a very peaceful country but with the influx of immigrants, well anything goes unfortunately.
Here is a picture of Belize in the mid 1900, this picture was found on the History of Belize on facebook where more information can be read. Picture credits goes to History of Belize.

Belice es un país de paz pero  la llegada de inmigrantes cualquier cosa puede pasar.En History of Belize  puedes encontrar fotos de 1900 y mas noticias sobre el tema.

But this is a very special month for all Belizeans, we became an English colony on September 10, where The Battle of St George's Caye  is celebrated. Presently the celebration continues further until September 21, Belize Independence Day! Throughout the month of September there are many celebration in the country of Belize.

Este més es muy especial y importante para todos los Beliceños, nos convertimos en una coloñia iglesa adonde los igleses ganaron la batalla contra los españoles en La Batalla de los Cayos de San Jorge. Seguimos los celebraciones hasta el 21 de Septiembre, La Independencia de Belice!!!

Here is picture of Belizeans celebrating on September 10th, 1971. Credit to History of Belize.

Here is Will Moreno's link from facebook where pictures are posted daily as the festivities continues and activities that is presently going on:-

Aqui se puede connectar con Will Moreno's facebook adonde se muestra los fotos de las celebraciones.

A Symbol of Unity in the Country of Belize!!!

The past Saturday was the Carnival on the streets of Belize. The next major event will be on September 10th,  which is the day British Honduras officially became an English colony.

Here is copy of the September Celebrations Calendar:

Aqui tenemos una copia del Calendario para las celebraciones del mes de Septiembre, 2012.

As the celebrations continues we continue with bits of Belize's history.

Asi como sigue las celebraciones continuamos con la historia de Belice.

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